Mac is dating the waitress

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This week marks 10 years since the depraved, deranged exploits of the Paddy's Pub Gang entered into our unsuspecting lives, on August 4th, 2005. What they get in return is a vacant ghost town filled with homeless sex, puke, ripped out hair, and armed robbery.So to celebrate all the selfish insanity that FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has spread throughout the past decade, we've updated our Top 10 Episodes list from a couple years back - including a brand new #1! Meanwhile - thanks to some Ecstasy - Charlie spends the perfect night with The Waitress.It’s hard to believe that the hysterical FX series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has been on the air for eight seasons, with production of season nine underway. Series co-writer, producer and star Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds) recently tweeted that the new season is “some of the funniest shit [they’ve] ever done.” Looking back, we realized that is no easy feat. It hasn’t been going downhill since then, necessarily, but the bar for what I would call regular has been lowered somewhat. Which episodes will meet the bar, and which episodes will go on to be classics? Season seven has “Chardee Mac Dennis: The Game of Games,” for instance. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense.” These aren’t great seasons, but I think those are two of the best episodes the show has ever done.Even at the show’s best, it wasn’t exactly perfect episode after perfect episode anyway, so that’s not really a big deal. Season ten never reached those highs but came close on a couple of occasions. I’m going to take a brief look at each episode to decide whether it reaches “classic” status or just manages to be “regular,” which is still way better than most shows.She even spent a bunch of money on a promise ring for him and deleted her dating app. She takes revenge by sleeping with men just so she can give them one-star ratings on a different dating site.

Dennis and Dee drag everyone down to the Jersey Shore in a feeble attempt to recapture childhood memories.has been on an extraordinary journey over the past decade.Initially starting out as a film idea by struggling actors, it has gone from a cult to a flagship show for FX.[Singing] You gotta pay the troll toll, if you wanna get into that boy’s soul. These kids these days, I’ll tell you what, they’re nothing like we used to be back when we were in fraternities. I mean, I came in there, right, and I was polite and I was nice to them. And they completely goddamn disrespected me, little IDIOTS!

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Everyone’s into a Tinder-esque group date thing called “Bunchers,” so the gang give it a try.