Ira rosenson

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Ira rosenson

Rosenson is considered a pioneer in assisted living facilities.

Rosenson is an undergraduate in the department of communication at the university of pittsburgh and is director of strategic initiatives for stargate.

After several demos made their way across Europe (and even reaching America via an underground tape-trading network among metalheads), Mercyful Fate issued a self-titled four-track EP before inking a recording contract with Roadrunner Records.

A deal with Roadrunner Records quickly resulted, as the duo issued a pair of releases for the label, 1991's Wound and 1993's Tail, before splitting up the project and returning back to Controlled Bleeding.

Widely regarded as the finest vocalist in all of metal (who possesses a multi-octave range), theatrical rocker King Diamond first rose to prominence as a member of Mercyful Fate before launching a solo career on his own.Despite a promising future, Mercyful Fate broke up when a common musical style couldn't be agreed on (Diamond wanted to continue with thrash metal, while a few of the others wanted to explore more mainstream-oriented hard rock).Please set your browser to accept cookies to continue.Music video: - Welcome Home Reissued by Roadrunner Records on January 27th 2004 as a part of Roadrunner's Two from the Vault series remastered along with Conspiracy on 2 CD's, CD 1 has the same bonus tracks as the 1997 reissue. Recorded and mixed at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, FL. This album is dedicated to the memory of Roger Patterson.

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The title of the record is a quote from "Litany against fear", a fictional incantation from Dune, the science fiction novel written by Frank Herbert.