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When a new private chat is created it is automatically marked with a special color and is given a default name.Click on chat icon to upload your own custom image. Private chat users can share files, make voice & video calls: Chat notifications can be disabled as well.

To add a new chat member, type user name: Add welcome text & click Send tab to create a chat: Only those users who have been invited to the chat will receive a notification about this new private chat creation.

These messages include public and private player chat, as well as game messages.

The content displayed in the chat interface can be filtered using the six buttons that run across the bottom of the chat panel.

You can think of a DM as a private group with only two members.

To help you organize and prioritize your communications, we recommend you favorite (or star) channels, private groups, and DMs.

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4th rule – Only two people in a Private Chat at a time.